Constitution and Rules

Club days

Saturday – All day

Sunday – All day

Thursday 4pm – till dark

New Archers (those shooting under one year)

Can only shoot when other experienced club archers are also present.  This is for your own safety.

Shooting Rules

  1. Archers must be members of Archery GB
  2. Archers must have their current years membership badge on show.
  3. The club house will only be open on competition days.
  4. If you are using club equipment, we ask that you look after it, return it after use and report any breakages to the Equipment’s officer or a coach.
  5. Do not leave litter on the field or dirty mugs in the kitchen.
  6. Always ask before you pull someone else’s arrow.
  7. Target faces must be returned to the box after use.
  8. Do not start shooting if anyone is still in the container or beyond the shooting line.
  9. If a target is in use, always ask the archer for permission to join them on the target.
  10. If someone has lost an arrow, then help them find it.
  11. When you have finished shooting move back away from the line.
  12. Footwear – no open toe shoes / flipflops or sandals.
  13. Always follow the Field Captains instructions. The field captain at each session will be a coach, committee member or a senior archer.
  14. Coaching by prior arrangement only. If one of the coaches is on the line shooting, please let them shoot.
  15. Children under the age of eighteen years of age (18) may use the premises only when accompanied by a person with parental responsibility, and a qualified archer.

Club Management

  1. The Club Financial Year runs from January 1st to December 31st.
  2. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than January each year.
  3. Subscriptions are due by January 1st each year and any member not having paid by the Annual General Meeting shall not have the power to propose or vote on any resolution at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. Any member who has not paid their subscription by January 31st in any one year will have to re-apply for membership.
  5. Members are responsible for the conduct of any guests they introduce to The Club.
  6. Grass cutting and ground maintenance is in accordance with the Shooting Rosta.
  7. Ground maintenance is usually the Saturday before a League home match or tournament and other times when required.
  8. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that the clubhouse is left respectable, that all windows are shut, curtains drawn, and the doors and gates securely locked as they leave the premises. It is the job of the archer(s) who has shot indoors to sweep up and replace anything they have moved.
  9. All those who have club keys are responsible for them. Club keys are the property of MSCH and must be handed in when membership ceases.
  10. All members must be affiliated to AGB. and all shooting to be run in accordance with the current AGB Rules of Shooting. All members should acquaint themselves with these.
  11. Compound bows are restricted to 60lb peak weight. Existing members wishing to change to Compound must have the Committee’s approval to do so.
  12. Any member wishing to solo shoot must have the Committee’s approval to do so and have signed the Solo Shooting Indemnity form.
  13. Any member wishing to use full carbon arrows must have the Committee’s approval to do so.
  14. Caution notices to be displayed and the shooting line gate closed whilst shooting is in progress on the field.
  15. If, in the opinion of the Committee, the conduct of any member is called into question the Committee shall have the power to suspend the member from The Club or refuse renewal of Membership. Such a member shall have no right, by reason of suspension or exclusion, to the return of any subscriptions paid or part thereof but shall have the right of appeal at the next Annual General Meeting.
  16. Club notices/communication to members shall be via E mail, and or other application and copies posted on the fence to the rear of the shooting line.