New to Archery?

Well the first and most important piece of advice to someone considering archery is:


‘Cheap’ second-hand equipment can work out very expensive in the long run.
Old, damaged or badly-made equipment can be dangerous both to you and other people.
A bow has to be correct for you and your measurements. Good clubs will have practise bows

Probably the easiest way of starting archery is to join a reputable club which is affiliated to GNAS (the Grand National Archery Society of Great Britain). This also means you’re covered by insurance whilst you shoot at the club. Many clubs run beginners’ training courses which will give you a good grounding in safety and the correct way to shoot.

In general, archers are a friendly and helpful bunch who will lend a hand and advice if asked nicely! Joining a club also gives you the chance to shoot rounds, get a handicap and compete in tournaments if you so desire.