Summer Postal League 2018

The Summer Postal League runs from May to September inclusive.

The rounds shot will be:
Recurve – Short Metric (3 dozen @ 50 metres & 3 dozen @ 30 metres) 80cm target face.
Longbow – National (4 dozen @ 60 yards & 2 dozen @ 50 yards) 122cm target face.

Teams will consist of: Recurve – any 3 archers, Longbow – any 2 archers.

At the end of the shoot the scores are taken from highest to lowest and placed in the ‘A’ team, then ‘B’ team and so on.

Points will be awarded as follows: WIN = 3 points, DRAW = 2 points, LOSS = 1 point.

All matches are to be shot under GNAS rules.

Score sheets must show Hits, Score, X’s & Golds (Longbows – Hits, Score, Golds).

Teams will be placed in divisions according to the final scores (un-adjusted) achieved in the previous year, or if a new team an estimated team score will be required. Each division will be subject to a threshold score of: Recurve – 120 points, Longbow – 80 points. Results over these thresholds will be subject to a deduction at the rate of 1 point off the threshold score to 1 point over the threshold.

Results for the 2017 season are as follows:

Recurve Division 8

Team     Shot     Won     Lost     Score     Points     
Llantarnam (B)541815213
Cheltenham (A)     541813013
Wigan & Orrell541781513
Clophill (A)51465047


Longbow Division 3

Team     Shot     Won     Lost     Score     Points     
Wolverhampton (A)     550317915
Medway (A)541276513
Exeter (B)532185711
Black Stag51421247
Guildford (A)20502


Longbow Division 7

Team     Shot     Won     Lost     Score     Points     
Surrey (B)541215613
Leaves Green (B)     532205611
Medway (B)532200511
South Bucks (B)5149767
Bognor Regis50514215