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The Club Captain’s Shoot

The Club Captain’s shoot took place on 25th June, and it consisted of shooting 5 dozen arrows at 45 metres. The recurve archers shot at a 80cm face while the longbow archers shot at a 122cm face. This was purely a highest score competition with Richard taking the honors for the recurve and Dave winning the longbow. Medallions for the winners of each discipline will be presented at the AGM.

This year’s Club Championship

The reason we are mentioning this is that it may be of interest to other clubs as a competition with a twist.

This year a different format was tried, with archers of all disciplines (in our case longbow and recurve) shooting six dozen arrows at 45 yards. Being a distance never shot here it ensured a level playing field for all. As well as shooting for the highest score in each bowtype, and becoming Club Champion, a knockout phase was introduced to run within the six dozen to add interest.

The knockout worked as follows: After the first two dozen the top four scorers of each bowtype went into a semi-final. Opponents were decided by a drawing of lots. After the next two dozen the winners of the semi-finals progressed to the final two dozen, whilst everyone still shot for their six dozen.

The results were as follows:

Knockout Semi Final winners in Recurve were Barry and Colin by 20 and 23 points respectively.
Knockout Final winner in Recurve was Barry by 2 points.
The overall winner in Recurve was Barry by 4 points.

Knockout Semi Final in Longbow were Mike and Andy by 19 and 2 points respectively.
Knockout Final winner in Longbow was Andy by 19 points.
The overall winner in Longbow was Mike by 3 points.

Medals for the victors will be presented at the AGM.
I hope everyone enjoyed the day with it’s alternative shooting format, obviously greater numbers would make it even more interesting. You never know it may catch on.


I would be grateful if all archers could keep an eye out for a piece of equipment that was stolen from Barry Maytum during the Shrimp shoot at Gravesend.

The item concerned is a Bearman type bow stand numbered 88. The number is stamped on the stand underneath the lower ring that supports the legs

If any archers are offered such a bow stand please ask them to check it and the number.

I would stress that this theft is nothing to do with Gravesend archers at all but obviously down to one rogue person but it does serve as a warning as to how valuable some of our equipment is that we do leave lying around at shoots.

If you have any information please contact the club secretary here.

BA Frostbite 2013/14

Having got hold of the final results for the Frostbite 2013/14 it would seem congratulations are in order for all those that made up the ‘B’ team as you came top of your division (34) with an accumulated score of 4067, ahead of 2nd place by 244. Well done to all concerned.

Medway’s ‘A’ team came 2nd in division 16 scoring 4299, narrowly missing first place by only 160, better luck next year.

Results can be seen here.

Mid Kent League June

Medway Archers managed to score a narrow victory in the handicap score when we played June’s Mid Kent League match at home to Sittingbourne Community College, we currently sit in second place in the Handicap division and third in the Pure Score. See the Mid Kent League page for the results. Congratulations to all who took part, hopefully we can continue our good shooting.

Mid Kent League May

Medway Archers managed to score an amazing victory over adversity when they played May’s Mid Kent League match at Falcon. The weather conditions were atrocious but we managed a win in both pure and handicap scores, see the Mid Kent League page for the results. Congratulations to all who took part, hopefully we can continue our winning ways.

Mid Kent League April

Results are in on the first match of the season and as you can see we may have lost the Pure Score but we managed to win the Handicap Score by several hundred. Well done to all those who took part and lets strive to get both next month.

New website

Finally the new website is up and running, with improved facilities including a new comprehensive Diary page.

Also we have a collection of the KAA newsletters which are, at the moment, issued bi-monthly.

Hopefully you will find this website a useful addition to your archery experience.

Website Rebuild

Unfortunately our website was hacked into recently and we have had to remove it.
We are now in the process of rebuilding the site, so for now please forgive any missing information and mistakes while the rebuild takes place.
We will notify you as soon as it is back up and running properly. Apologies for any inconveniences.